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The Modern Magic Beneath the Historic Arch: durlum’s Stellar Ceiling Solutions

Chris Schmitt - June 5, 2023 - 0 comments

At CG Schmitt & Co., we are proud to be one of the representatives and distributor of durlum’s revolutionary ceiling solutions. Our collaboration is a testament to the potential of harmonizing history with cutting-edge innovation.
As durlum’s project at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial showcases, when architects and visionaries partner with us, they don’t just receive products; they gain solutions that transform spaces into experiences.
durlum aluminium tubes showcase cover

Walking into the entrance foyer, accessible from the park adjacent, is an experience like no other. What immediately strikes you isn’t just the expanse of the museum, but the marvel of a suspended ceiling. Made of mat-lined rectangular metal panels, crafted from highly reflecting 1mm thick aluminium, it’s evident that every detail was meticulously chosen. Suspended beneath this modern marvel are aluminium tubes. These extruded tubes, each with a diameter of around 76mm, provide a contrast that’s as functional as its aesthetic. Powder-coated in a pristine RAL 9003, also known as signal white, they run perpendicular to the flow of foot traffic. With a staggering length of around 23,000 ft, they reflect the light from the ceiling, casting a gentle, diffuse natural glow across the entire space.

durlum ceiling solutions
CG Schmitt & Co partner durlum

The durlum project at the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial was meticulously executed in collaboration with the contractor, National Park Services – an esteemed division of the Government of the USA. It stands as an emblem of what can be achieved when innovation meets history, modernity greets legacy, and partnership triumphs over challenges.

But what makes this project stand out isn’t just the monumental scale or the pristine execution. It’s the fact that it epitomizes the limitless possibilities when you choose CG Schmitt & Co. as your solution provider. Our partnership with durlum, a leader in their domain, guarantees solutions that aren’t just about filling spaces. They’re about creating experiences, memories, and history.

CG Schmitt & Co partner durlum
CG Schmitt & Co partner durlum

The Gateway Arch is an embodiment of a momentous phase in American history. But beneath its shadow, lies a modern marvel – a museum foyer that offers visitors an immersive experience into the 19th-century American West. This transformation was possible because of durlum’s impeccable solutions.

Every project is an opportunity, a blank canvas, and with our partnership, we can ensure that it turns into a masterpiece. As the Gateway Arch and its museum so eloquently prove, the synergy between CG Schmitt & Co. and durlum can make visions tangible.

Choose us, and let’s create history together.

CG Schmitt & Co partner durlum
CG Schmitt & Co partner durlum

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