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Each panel is faced with real wood veneer offering superior sound absorption under the color and grain variations of natural wood which can be stained, painted, or printed to complete your design.

As design professionals, we know how important it is to have options when it comes to selecting materials for our projects. We want our designs to be aesthetically pleasing, but we also need to consider the functionality of the materials we use. That’s why Acoustical Art Concepts, a sister company of Interlam, has developed AKUPANEL, a product that combines the beauty of real wood with superior sound absorption properties.

Acoustical Art Concepts AKUPLANK Black laminated showcase

AKUPANEL is a PET Polyester Fiber and MDF panel that is faced with real wood veneer, offering the color and grain variations of natural wood. The panels can be stained, painted, or printed to complete your design, making them an incredibly versatile option for any space. With nine color options to choose from, including Smoked Oak, Brown Oak, Natural Oak, Grey Oak, Walnut, Recon Grey, Recon Maple, Smoked Oak, Brown Oak, Black Ash & Classic Oak, there is sure to be a perfect match for any design aesthetic.

superior sound absorption

AKUPANEL is an optimal solution for efficient sound absorption and lowering noise reverberation time. During the tests, the panel obtains a Noise Reduction Coefficient of 0.97 at a frequency of 1,000HZ. This means that AKUPANEL is incredibly effective at absorbing sound, particularly in the frequency range where loud speech and “regular” noise in the home typically occur, between 500-2,000HZ. The average Noise Reduction Coefficient within this frequency range is 0.66, making AKUPANEL significantly more effective at reducing noise than other materials in its class.

Each test is conducted in accordance with Standard ANSI/UL723, which determines the Surface Burning Characteristics of the material, specifically the flame spread and smoke developed indices when exposed to fire. The core material of the PET and the wooden materials are rated Class A, meaning they have the highest level of fire resistance. This makes AKUPANEL a safe and practical option for any space.

Acoustical Art Concepts AKUPLANK Walnut showcase
Acoustical Art Concepts AKUPLANK Brown Oak showcase

When you choose AKUPANEL from Acoustical Art Concepts, you can have confidence that you are selecting a product that combines both beauty and functionality. With its real wood veneer and superior sound absorption properties, AKUPANEL is the perfect choice for any space where acoustics are a concern. And with the expertise of Acoustical Art Concepts and Interlam, you can be sure that you are getting a product that is designed and manufactured with the highest level of quality and attention to detail.

With its versatility in color and design, AKUPANEL can be used in a variety of spaces to not only enhance the aesthetic but also improve acoustics.

Acoustical Art Concepts AKUPLANK Natural Oak showcase

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