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Superior crafted metal ceilings: quality meets design

Chris Schmitt - September 10, 2023 - 0 comments

Gage Decorative Metal Ceilings are the result of a harmonious blend of innovative technology and revered traditional processes. These masterpieces are manufactured in the heartland of the United States, reflecting a legacy that values both form and function.

The choice of ceiling can profoundly influence the ambiance of any interior space. We take pride in being a trusted distributor of Gage Decorative Metal Ceilings, a brand synonymous with quality and craftsmanship. These products are not merely ceiling solutions; they are works of art that have been enhancing the aesthetic of spaces since 1989.

The product portfolio features a variety of panel profiles. You can choose both flat and coffered snap-in panels that integrate with concealed suspension components for a sleek appearance, complete with color-matched perimeter trims. Additionally, there’s a selection of lay-in profiles for exposed tee-grid suspension systems, often specified with color-matched components for a unified look.

Metal ceilings

Acoustics are a key consideration in modern architecture, and Gage Decorative Metal Ceilings come with the option of micro-perforations and acoustical membranes, marrying visual elegance with functional noise reduction capabilities.

The use of Honest Aluminum™ designs is a distinctive aspect of these ceilings. They maximize the reflective qualities of aluminum, enhancing each design with mechanical and machined finishes, transparent tints, and coating processes. While aluminum remains a popular choice, there are also options for bronze, brass, copper, and custom tints, ensuring versatility across various design schemas.

The technological prowess behind Gage Decorative Metal Ceilings is noteworthy, employing state-of-the-art technology alongside traditional craftsmanship. This allows for the creation of an extensive collection of realistic natural materials on aluminum. The range of patterns, textures, and colors available is virtually unlimited, with proprietary techniques that can accommodate any color specification to meet design requirements.

CG Schmitt & Co - Gage Decorative Metal Ceilings showcase
CG Schmitt & Co - Gage Decorative Metal Ceilings showcase
CG Schmitt & Co - Gage Decorative Metal Ceilings showcase
CG Schmitt & Co - Gage Decorative Metal Ceilings showcase

Customization is at the heart of the offerings from Gage. Engaging for a custom design is a simple yet thorough process. By providing a concept or sketch with the desired colors and finishes, you can expect detailed CAD drawings and a budgetary quote in return. If the project parameters are met, a prototype is developed for client review and pre-production approval, ensuring satisfaction with the final product.

Working with us means choosing a partnership that guarantees meticulous attention to detail, a responsive understanding of your unique needs, and a steadfast commitment to achieving the pinnacle of design and functionality. Architects, designers, and end-users alike can rest assured that with Gage Decorative Metal Ceilings, their space will be transformed into a testament to the timeless beauty of expertly crafted metal.

CG Schmitt & Co - Gage Decorative Metal Ceilings showcase
CG Schmitt & Co - Gage Decorative Metal Ceilings showcase
CG Schmitt & Co - Gage Decorative Metal Ceilings showcase

As a representative of Gage Decorative Metal Ceilings, we are not just suppliers; we are your partners in design, advocating for a product that stands as a paragon of durability and design excellence. Elevate your project with Gage Decorative Metal Ceilings, and witness how we, as your dedicated distributor, recommend and back a product that truly transforms spaces.

CG Schmitt & Company Inc. is an architectural products manufacturer’s representative sales agency and distributor. We’ve helped architects, designers, and contractors achieve their design and development’s functional and aesthetic objectives since 1994. We provide architectural, interior, and speciality finishes for our clients. Whether you want to discover more about a product or assist in making your design a reality, we are here to assist you. Choose to meet us in person or online, and we will help you in choosing the right product and make your design a reality.

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