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Enter Concreet™, a groundbreaking product that seamlessly simulates the appearance of poured-in-place or trowelled concrete, yet is lightweight, versatile, and easy to install, revolutionizing contemporary concrete finishes.

Concreet™ is a state-of-the-art, pre-finished alpha gypsum cement-based material. Unlike traditional concrete, Concreet™ is designed for ease of use, allowing for the creation of panels and elements that can be effortlessly integrated into interiors. Whether it’s feature walls, beams, ceiling elements, or column cladding, Concreet™ offers a modern concrete finish that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Concrete finishes
Key Features of Concreet™

1. Safety First: Concreet™ boasts a Class A (or 1) flame-spread rating, ensuring that safety is never compromised.

2. Proprietary GFRG-based Material: Concreet™ is not just another concrete alternative. It’s a proprietary GFRG (Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum) solution, perfect for introducing concrete finishes into existing spaces or enhancing areas with exposed concrete walls and columns.

3. Deep Color Integration: The integral color pigments in Concreet™ ensure that the material’s color permeates below the surface. This is further enriched by the inclusion of natural aggregates in a matrix of alpha gypsum cement and glass fiber reinforcement, providing strength, flexibility, and a superior aesthetic appeal.

4. Lightweight and Versatile: Weighing between 2-5 lb/ft2, Concreet™ components are significantly lighter than traditional concrete. This lightweight nature does not compromise on strength, as Concreet™ parts can incorporate steel or wood embedments for added resilience.

Schmitt&Co - Formglas Concreet showcase
Schmitt&Co - Formglas Concreet showcase

5. Efficient Installation: Say goodbye to the prolonged, wet, and cumbersome process of applying faux concrete finishes. Concreet™ components are pre-finished and can be installed swiftly, akin to finished carpentry.

6. Customization: Concreet™ is available in a plethora of natural color tones and finishes. Designers have the liberty to specify custom finishes, ensuring a perfect match with existing concrete surfaces.

7. Precision Manufacturing: Every Concreet™ component is custom-made to meet specific project requirements. Leveraging advanced 5-axis CNC technology, expert pattern making, and in-house sculpting, Formglas® ensures authentic and precision master models. For intricate design elements, Formglas® collaborates with professionals to develop a practical plan through 3D modeling and mock-ups.

Schmitt&Co - Formglas Concreet showcase
Concrete finishes

As an authorized representative of Concreet™, we pride ourselves on our commitment to excellence. Our team provides unparalleled support to architects, designers, contractors, and project owners, ensuring that every Concreet™ installation is seamless and meets the highest standards of quality and design. Our expertise, combined with the revolutionary features of Concreet™, guarantees that your architectural visions come to life in the most professional and sophisticated manner.

Concrete finishes

CG Schmitt & Company Inc. is an architectural products manufacturer’s representative sales agency and distributor. We’ve helped architects, designers, and contractors achieve their design and development’s functional and aesthetic objectives since 1994. We provide architectural, interior, and speciality finishes for our clients. Whether you want to discover more about a product or assist in making your design a reality, we are here to assist you. Choose to meet us in person or online, and we will help you in choosing the right product and make your design a reality.

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