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Advanced Acoustic Solutions in Modern Aquatic Facilities

Chris Schmitt - October 10, 2023 - 0 comments

The Northwest ISD (NISD) Aquatic Center, located in Justin, Texas, serves as a prime example of advanced acoustic solutions in aquatic facilities.

This expansive 80,000-square foot complex, featuring a competition pool, a practice pool, ample seating, and a sports medicine rehabilitation center, has greatly improved user experience by addressing acoustic challenges typical of indoor pools. A key element in this achievement is the incorporation of pinta acoustic’s WHISPERWAVE™ and SONEX® Valueline acoustic panels.

Schmitt&Co WHISPERWAVE and SONEX Valueline panels showcase

Prior to the center’s inauguration, the NISD relied on external facilities for swimming and diving activities, leading to logistical challenges and limited practice opportunities. The strategic placement of the new aquatic center on the central campus now offers easy access for students and the local community, supporting five high school swim teams.

The center faced the common issue of echo and sound reverberation in indoor pools, which can hinder communication and pose safety risks. To combat this, the pinta acoustic products were chosen for their sound-absorbing capabilities. The WHISPERWAVE and SONEX Valueline panels are adept at reducing sound reflection from hard surfaces like concrete, glass, and water, which are typical reverberation sources in such environments.

The design process involved selecting products that could endure the aquatic center’s high humidity levels while also being visually appealing. The panels were customized to echo the theme of flowing water, aligning with the overall aesthetic of the facility. This design choice was well-received and led to the decision to proceed with these particular panels.

Acoustic Solutions in Modern Aquatic Facilities
Schmitt&Co WHISPERWAVE and SONEX Valueline panels showcase

In the practice pool area, an eye-catching bright-blue band of 30 SONEX Valueline panels was installed above windows and glass partitions. The competition pool area was outfitted with 198 WHISPERWAVE panels in varying shades of blue, including white and bright blue, creating an effective and visually pleasing acoustic solution.

The panels, made from lightweight, nonfibrous, open-cell expanded melamine WILLTEC™ foam, adhere to safety standards like Class A per ASTM E84 for flame spread and smoke density, and CAN ULCS-102. Available in a range of shapes, sizes, and customizable thicknesses, these panels provide comprehensive sound absorption across all frequencies.

The SONEX Valueline panels feature a gentle, sculpted surface pattern and are both cost-effective and simple to install, thanks to compatible adhesives. These panels come in standard and custom sizes, offering versatility for various application needs.

The installation of the WHISPERWAVE and SONEX Valueline panels in the NISD Aquatic Center is a testament to the successful fusion of functionality and aesthetics. These panels not only effectively mitigate acoustic problems in an indoor aquatic setting but also enhance the visual appeal of the space.

Schmitt&Co WHISPERWAVE and SONEX Valueline panels showcase

These improvements go beyond just acoustic enhancement; they mark a significant step forward in creating environments conducive to both athletic performance and audience enjoyment. The NISD Aquatic Center, with its advanced acoustic solutions, stands as an exemplary model for future aquatic facilities, illustrating how technological excellence can be harmoniously combined with design elements to create spaces that are both efficient and visually impressive.

Schmitt&Co WHISPERWAVE and SONEX Valueline panels showcase

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